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Inflammatory bowel disease in patients with celiac disease.

TitleInflammatory bowel disease in patients with celiac disease.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsYang A, Chen Y, Scherl E, Neugut AI, Bhagat G, Green PHR
JournalInflamm Bowel Dis
Date Published2005 Jun
KeywordsAdult, Age Factors, Celiac Disease, Cohort Studies, Female, Humans, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Male, Middle Aged, Prevalence, Retrospective Studies, Sex Factors

BACKGROUND: Several case reports and series report an association between celiac disease and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD); however, there is no current data assessing this association. We therefore studied the occurrence of these conditions in a cohort of patients with celiac disease seen at a referral center.

METHODS: A database of patients with celiac disease seen between 1981 and 2002 was analyzed. Only biopsy-proven adults were included. Patients who had endoscopic and pathologic evidence of IBD were identified, and their pathology was reviewed. Age- and sex-adjusted prevalence rate ratios were determined by comparing results with population-based prevalence data.

RESULTS: Among 455 patients with celiac disease, IBD was identified in 10 (5 had ulcerative colitis and 5 had Crohn's disease). This represented an age- and sex-adjusted prevalence rate ratio for ulcerative colitis of 3.56 (95% confidence interval, 1.48-8.56) and for Crohn's disease of 8.49 (95% confidence interval, 3.53-20.42).

CONCLUSION: Within our cohort of patients with celiac disease, IBD was significantly more common than in the general population.

Alternate JournalInflamm. Bowel Dis.
PubMed ID15905699