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Ellen J. Scherl, M.D., Highlighted in Feature on Crohn's Disease

March 1, 2013

Ellen J. Scherl, M.D., Director of the Jill Roberts Center for Inflammatory Bowel Disease of Weill Cornell Medicine, is highlighted in the Spring 2013 issue of the institution’s magazine.

In a compelling feature article written by Andrea Crawford, the story of a young patient’s diagnosis with, and subsequent treatment for, Crohn’s disease is chronicled, as she goes from surgery to a starting position on her high school basketball team.

In the article, Dr. Scherl discusses some of the reigning theories that might explain the increasing incidence of Crohn’s disease, as well as the work she is doing at the Jill Roberts Center. In addition to a busy clinical practice, Dr. Scherl is leading research aimed at elucidating the molecular pathways that drive inflammation in the gut, with the hope of identifying new targets for treatment.

“We’re hoping that inspired collaborative scientific endeavors will change the natural history of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis by elucidating the molecular pathways of inflammation and the interaction of gut microbiomes with the gut immune response,” she told the magazine.

Read the full article here

“Gut Reaction,” by Andrea Crawford for Weill Cornell Medicine, the magazine of Weill Cornell Medical College and Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Spring 2013, pages 34-38

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